Solid Floors is the only HTC Certified Contractor in the Auckland region for the application of HTC Superfloor. 

Visit the official Superfloor website or download the Superfloor Brochure for detailed information on this incredible concrete floor treatment and finishing system.

htc superfloor nz

Floor preparation is the key to achieving a superior result in any project. Expert floor preparation extends the life of your floor and increases its effectiveness. Our highly trained staff and specialist equipment are the best in the industry.See this excellent HTC SUPERPREP article for great information on concrete floor preparation.


  • Diamond floor grinding with the latest planetary computer-controlled and dust-contained systems
  • Dry grinding processes with advanced dust containment systems
  • Glue, matrix or topping removal with Barracuda blade technology
  • Preparation for carpet, levelling toppings, coating systems and paint finishes
  • Shotblasting using vacuum captive shotblasters both 3-phase and single-phase
  • Concrete milling for large volume removal